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Wi-Fi & Networking

Networking opens the doors for sharing information quickly and efficiently.  Whether a home office or a small business, RadioActive Electronics can help design, install, and even manage the right network for you.  With all of today’s technology and smart devices, it is ever important to have a solid infrastructure to keep those devices connected to the world.  The need for strong whole-home Wi-Fi has greatly increased recently with so many people working from home.

Wired Repeaters or Wireless Mesh Network

Tired of slow, weak signal Wi-Fi that constantly disconnects? You could likely use a Wi-Fi repeater or mesh network to fix your problems.  We can help solve this problem.

In the case of traditional wired connections, our staff will run the necessary wires throughout your office, home, or place of business.  They use the ethernet cabling in your home to create a wired network.  These offer full speed and strength at each device to ensure the strongest fastest speeds available to you based on your Internet Service Provider.  Although more costly they are our most recommended method to achieve whole home Wi-Fi without dead spots.

If you are considering a wireless solution, RadioActive Electronics can help you cut costs and eliminate cabling throughout your office or home.  We offer wireless mesh networks. These networks work through nodes where data is transferred from node to node which results in a network called a mesh cloud. Most systems can be expanded upon by adding additional nodes or antennas for larger homes or buildings.  More nodes mean a bigger increase in the range of the network which means less or no dead spots.

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