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Wired or Wireless Audio?

The experts at RadioActive Electronics can make it happen. We specialize in wired and wireless whole home solutions for any home and any budget.

Wired Options

When building or remodeling a home, RadioActive Electronics will design a system to fit into every room where music is desired. Optional speakers in the ceiling, wall, or even out of sight are all possible. Each room can be fitted with an independent volume control, or you can control the volume for your entire home from your smart phone or tablet.

Wireless Options

RadioActive Electronics has several options available for wireless systems. By partnering with some of the best audio manufacturers in the world, we are able to offer a multitude of options for you. For example, we can offer you speakers which can be carried from room-to-room or outside the home, or we can retrofit a room with a permanent solution.

We are very proud to offer SONOS, a system of wireless speakers that connect with each other.  Their new app and technology is top notch!  The sound bars have ARC technology built in for great TV listening as well as music.  Plus seamless integration with Apple Music is a big bonus.

We also offer HEOS which can be connected to your Wi-Fi network allowing you to stream music from either your own collection or from the Internet to any room in your house simply by swiping or tapping your smart phone or tablet.  HEOS technology comes built into several models of both Denon and Marantz AV receivers.  You can add portable speakers in any room and pair them with your surround sound or theater.

Both systems offer a unique experience to the end user while remaining flexible and versatile.

With all of our systems, our job is to make sure you have coverage sound coverage in every room that you desire.  

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Let RadioActive Electronics help you design and install the perfect technology to fit your lifestyle.