In today’s world, business and home surveillance are of the utmost importance to ensure your livelihood and loved ones are safe.


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Protect Your Business from Anywhere in the World

For your business, it is extremely important to be protected against internal and external crime. An effective was to keep your business safe is with a state-of-the-art surveillance system. RadioActive Electronics will install a camera system on its own server, which can be viewed and monitored from any computer or tablet.  RadioActive Electronics can provide the client with an App for Android or iOS Smartphones that enables access their surveillance system.

Keep Your Home Secure 24/7

Keeping your family and home secure from intruders is paramount. When it comes to your home, you need a surveillance system that fits your needs.  For your home, we offer systems custom designed to your needs. It could be a video doorbell to alert you when a person or package arrives at your door or a full perimeter system to watch all access points. All of our systems have high definition image quality as well as infrared illumination for clear night time viewing.

RadioActive Electronics offers both wired and wireless solutions that fit any budget or installation scenario.     

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