Would like you like to turn your lights on before you get home or turn on the air conditioning after some time away?  How about turn the TV on and the music up from your phone? 

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Control System or Phone App,  Which is right for you?

RadioActive Electronics offers both types of solutions. 

With help from our partner URC Automation and Total Control we can design a system that can work most of the electronic devices in client’s homes.  That can include HVAC systems, lighting, security, TVs, sound, and more.  While uniting most of these devices to a single table or remote control, we can customize them in any way that suites the client or installation situation.  This system can be more costly, however offers a one device avenue for turning on and off an entire home or business. 

Many consumer electronics today can operate manually or from an app on your smart phone or tablet.  Apps today can control devices such as lighting control, thermostat control, electronic door locks or even a garage door controller.  Plus they can run TVs, whole house audio, security, cameras, and more with the touch of button.  The best part is most of these are free and can be easily learned and changed by the client.  

Both types of systems are a great addition to any technology and can be design for each of our clients based on budget and the space.

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