About RadioActive Electronics

We, at RadioActive Electronics, are proud of our long-term customer relationships built on the positive experiences each and every customer has with us.

From our initial consultation to the final installation and training, our customers know that RadioActive Electronics is accessible, knowledgeable, and competent.

Our History

Founded in 2005, RadioActive Electronics was created to serve the needs of homeowners and businesses seeking help with the installation of audio and video products like televisions and home theater systems. This also includes systems for commercial establishments. 

As technology in products and systems continues to grow, our Northeast Ohio business keeps up at a rapid pace. RadioActive Electronics professionals are instantly ready to take over the installation and training of all new and updated products.

Our staff has over 50 years of combined experience in the electronics and retail industries. We excel in knowledge, attention to detail and unparalleled customer service.

Meet Our Team

Matt Smith


President & Owner

My introduction to this business began when I was 12 years old and started working at Radio Shack. It was the perfect spot for a kid who loved taking things apart and seeing how they worked. My job at Radio Shack continued all through my high school years and beyond.

After 17 years of working for someone else, I realized that there was an opportunity in my town for a sales and installation business. Because technology is an ever-changing industry, and because I always want to help people, it made sense to start a business that did just that.

I get a lot of inspiration from working with builders and clients – seeing what they have and learning what they want to have in their new homes. Our goal at RadioActive Electronics is to fill customers’ homes with technology that is easy to operate and that keeps them connected to the outside world.

I love crossing the goal line and seeing our finished project. When I see RadioActive Electronics’ installed technology in the homes of our clients and friends, I know that we’ve helped make the quality of their lives a little bit better. My long-term goal is to build the business to the point that it is self-sustaining.

My 5-year goal is to buy a house in Florida where it is warm! I would continue working from Florida, but would have plenty of leisure time, too.

When I’m not hard at work at RadioActive Electronics, I like being outside. I like to spend my time going to sporting events, concerts, or taking a hike with my wife and three dogs.  I like to golf, go hunting and fishing.  I am blessed to have many friends and some close family who share my same interests and beliefs. 



I grew up in Willowick, Ohio. Following my education, I’ve worked in the consumer electronics industry as an installer, a service tech, a sales rep, a sales manager, and a branch manager. These positions have all happened over a 35-year period.

At Radio Active Electronics, I serve as the Chief Operations Officer, which means I control everything from an operational standpoint. I schedule the new installations and service calls. I communicate with the builder representatives to be sure that we are getting things done within their time frames. I visit job sites to be sure that everything is being done to our standards and the customer is getting the best possible experience. Sometimes I am out in the field assisting with installations and service.

I also assist the sales representatives with quoting larger jobs.

The job title that I have (Chief Operations Officer) describes my responsibilities pretty well, but my goal is to someday serve as Vice President of RadioActive Electronics.

My favorite parts of my job are helping the techs grow in their positions, solving customer issues, and being part of the decision-making process that helps our company grow.

When I am not working at Radio Active Electronics I enjoy spending time with my wife and our family at our cottage in Atwood Lake. We love fishing, boating and hiking.

Loretta Prendergast

General Manager

I grew up in the Slavic Village area of Cleveland where I was part of a large Irish family.
My introduction into the Security/Electronic world was supposed to be brief and part time but resulted in a lifelong career as I quickly fell in love with the industry.  I realized that I had a knack for creating systems that produced efficiencies and aided with growth for the company. As the General Manager with RadioActive Electronics I am  committed to providing “white glove” customer service and will go to great lengths to make sure our clients are treated fairly and with great respect.  In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my grandkids and getting away with Michael to our cabin in Southern Ohio.



I was born and raised in West Virginia. I came to Cleveland in 1970 and have been here ever since.

One day, I received a call from Matt to come to his company. At that point I was re-entering the business world after having been in management for 40 years. Before that, my education was at John Carroll for management and University of Tennessee for team building and manufacturing.

I am the senior advisor for the company. I oversee all procedural and financial aspects of the RadioActive Electronics.

I equally love working with people and improving processes. Making sure the customer has a clear understanding of what we do can sometimes be challenging, even though we explain every step right from the beginning.

When I am not hard at work at RadioActive Electronics I love playing with my grandkids, riding dune buggies, and watching sports.


Inventory Specialist

I grew up locally, right here in Burton!
I am excited to bring my personality to the RadioActive team and feel that my attention to detail and outgoingness will really help me succeed in my role.
My favorite part of my job so far is interacting with all the different technicians.
When I’m not at work, I like spending time with my family, puppies and friends!


verizon Store Manager

I like to think of my major daily accomplishments at RadioActive Electronics as helping customers by learning their needs and providing them with an excellent customer experience. I am also responsible for receiving inventory and ordering phones and accessories.

It is my daily goal to give all our customers the exceptional experience they deserve with all their Verizon needs.

When I am not at RadioActive Electronics, I like to spend time with my dog and my son as well as playing basketball and softball.


VERIZON consultant

I grew up in Northeast Ohio, and after 10+ years in Verizon Leadership, I came to RadioActive Electronics where I serve as the liaison between Verizon and RadioActive Electronics for corporate and new business growth.

I work closely with Verizon’s largest franchise TCC to represent RadioActive Electronics. We strive to be aligned with Verizon while serving the customers and small business owners in Geauga county and beyond. I also oversee strategic relationships with our vendors that support Verizon TCC Middlefield with RadioActive Electronics.

Outside of RadioActive Electronics I love being with my family, being outdoors and boating.


Senior Field Technician

I first ventured out from my hometown of Garrettsville, OH when I started taking an interest in audio and began my electronics career.

I have 28 years of experience in the audio and electronics industry during which I have been factory trained and certified in several products that we carry at RadioActive Electronics. Some of the products I am certified in are: Heos, Denon, Marantz, Sonos, Hikvision, Universal Remote Control (URC) and others.

At RadioActive Electronics I am the utility player. I’m the tech who goes out and installs new products that most other installers in our industry are not comfortable handling. My favorite part of the job is setting up and tuning home theaters. I enjoy demonstrating the finished install to the clients and seeing the amazement on their faces.

When I am not hard at work at RadioActive Electronics, I enjoy watching movies and going to concerts with my friends. During COVID I’ve been learning and installing new home automation and audio in my house. It is still a hobby for me.


Field Technician

I grew up in Texas, Nevada, Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio. You could comfortably say that we moved a lot.

I am 100% trained by RadioActive Electronics Senior Technicians.

My favorite part of my job is the challenge of custom installs. It gives me the opportunity to do things outside of my comfort zone to grow and learn.

When I am not working at RadioActive Electronics I love listening to music, rock climbing and hiking with my fabulous pit bull, Bolts.


Field Technician

I am from Hunstburg, OH and am a recent graduate of the Auburn Career Center.
At RadioActive Electronics, I am a Field Technician and am devoted to making the client’s experience the best that it can be!
In my free time, I love being outside and exploring the great outdoors.


Field Technician

I grew up in Garrettsville, Ohio, until my family moved to Mentor in 2002, and I  graduated from Mentor High School in 2010. Later that year, I got a job installing alarm systems in homes and businesses, and have been doing that ever since. I come to Radioactive Electronics with 11 years of alarm experience.
Growing up my father’s son, I was taught to do everything to the best of my abilities, and to always push to get better at what I do. Nothing gives me more joy than finishing a challenging project and exceeding expectations.
When I am not working at Radioactive, I am a husband to my wife and a father to my four kids. I enjoy reading stories with my kids, playing guitar, singing, and learning history, theology, and philosophy.


Field Technician


Field Technician


Field Technician

I grew up in Willoughby, Ohio. I graduated from ITT Technical Institute with an Associates degree in Electronic Engineering. 
 I have many years experience in carpentry and service technician-based positions. This experience has helped me in my new role with Radioactive.   
The variety of products and projects is what makes working at Radioactive challenging and enjoyable.
When I am not working, I enjoy being with my wife and our daughter. We like to explore the local parks.

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