Remodeling and Home Design

We Are RadioActive Electronics

At RadioActive Electronics,  we seek a long-lasting relationship with all of our customers.  Our reputation depends on it.  From our initial consultation to the final installation and training, our customers can count on RadioActive Electronics to be accessible, knowledgeable, and competent to assure the job meets all expectations set forth from the very beginning.

“I cannot thank you guys enough for building me my dream stereo system. You were able to design and build me the best stereo I have ever had while keeping my budget in mind when other companies wanted to sell me far more than I needed because they lacked the knowledge to find another way.”

— Mark H., Rocky River

Our History

about-radioactive-electronicsFounded in 2005, RadioActive Electronics was created to serve a need to homeowners and businesses seeking help with installation of new technology in audio and video products like televisions, home theater systems, and the integration of sound and video systems for commercial establishments.  The height of the high-definition movement was underway with demand for the greatest picture and sound quality at its peak as RadioActive Electronics quickly found their offered services to be at the top of everyone’s list.

Based in an area of Northeast Ohio with very little competition from big-box retailers and audio-video specialty retailers, RadioActive Electronics has seen growth in their business dramatically increase as recent technology and integration of multiple products and systems continue to aggressively enter our homes and businesses.  The marketplace for consumer electronics continues to change so rapidly that professional installation and training of these products in homes and businesses nearly require a professional each time they are purchased simply due to lack of time or in-depth knowledge of the product, integration, or networking.  RadioActive Electronics has positioned themselves as being the solution.

RadioActive Electronics touts their largest asset to be their current staff with over 50 years of combined experience in the electronics and retail industries.  Maintaining a strong knowledge of the latest, cutting-edge technologies is understood to be one of their greatest strengths for remaining at the top of the market second only to their attention to detail and superior customer service before and after any project is completed.

Meet The RadioActive Electronics Team


As the President and Owner, Matt not only oversees all sales and operations, but he is an expert at building loyal and long-lasting relationships.


As General Manager, Jordan’s focus revolves around increasing efficiency and putting the processes in place to do so.


As Chief Operations Officer, Michael oversees all aspects of our installations department. From scheduling to service calls and everything in between, he is the lead on all of our projects.


As the Sales Consultant, Mark deals with every customer on a one-to-one basis, giving them his undivided attention throughout the process of design conception to installation. He also excels at customer service long after the project is finished.


As our Senior Field Technician, Aaron is detail-oriented and an avid perfectionist to ensure all of your dreams come true.


As our other Senior Field Technician, Drew is an expert on every installation site. In addition, this reliable tech just happens to be our longest tenured specialist.


As a Field Technician, Joe is detail-oriented and an avid perfectionist about product installation to make sure your dreams come true.


As a Field Technician, Logan rounds out our team of AV specialists.


CJ is our Retail Store Manager at RadioActive Electronics and at our Verizon store. He answers a multitude of questions every day, and succeeds in making each customer feel that they have come to the one-and-only place for their electronics needs.


Amber completes our retail team as the newest Sales Associate. She excels in customer service and going the extra mile to meet all of our client’s needs.