A 4k, an 8k, an LED, an OLED TV or a projector.  What is best for your space and budget?


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Smart TVs, Ultra HD, 4k, Cutting the Cord, which option is best?

With so many options available today with TVs and projectors it can be hard to decipher what is best.  There are many things to consider when purchasing a new TV.  The size of the room will play a big role based on how far away the viewer sits and also how much they will watch it.   Most all Televisions now come as smart TVs and are usually 4k.  As with 1080p and now 4k the picture quality is based on the content that will be viewed on the TV.  Many streaming services are offering 4k content which can make the new TV look amazing.  Most of the TVs up-convert to give the viewer the best picture quality available no matter what the source is. 

Does your TV have enough sound to fill the room or do you need to add on?

Most of the TVs today are very thin and therefore they do not have the best sound quality.  Some sets like the LG OLED have Dolby ATMOS built in and do deliver a great listening experience.  However most TVs do not and could benefit from a sound bar and subwoofer combination or a surround sound system.  RadioActive Electronics offers sound bar combos that are brand specific to match the TVs, these are great because they can often be added without adding another remote control.  Clients can also choose to add a SONOS or HEOS sound bar which learn the TVs remote commands and offer the benefit of whole house audio. 

Mounting, installation, and concealing wires

There are many choices for TV mounting and they all depend how the viewing space is to be configured.  Flat or tilted on a wall, over a fireplace, or a full motion mount that allows the set to move left or right and tilt.  There are even mounts that can allow the TV to pull down to more a desirable height and then push back up out of the way.  These are ideal for over a fireplace or an entry way.  RadioActive Electronics technicians can conceal the wiring and connect all the devices for a clean and attractive installation.

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