RadioActive Electronics offers the latest in outdoor audio and video entertainment.  Whether a TV or rock speakers or a system that is integrated into the landscape.


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Why Not Take Your Entertainment Outside?

RadioActive Electronics sees outdoor entertainment as one of the largest growth opportunities in consumer electronics. As technology changes, homeowners and businesses are finding outdoor entertainment is more affordable than ever. RadioActive Electronics offers the latest in outdoor audio and video entertainment. Whether our client is looking for speakers on their patio or a system integrated into their landscaping, RadioActive Electronics can help.

Outdoor Entertainment Projects and Solutions on Any Budget

Most any outdoor project can constitute the need for outdoor sound. Whether you are installing a swimming pool, hardscape, or a front porch swing; RadioActive Electronics can design a listening solution that fits any budget.

Worried About the Weather? Let Us Worry About That!

Over the course of the past few years, outdoor televisions have become very affordable. Televisions can be mounted anywhere; in full sun or partial shade, any wall on your home or over an outdoor fireplace. Many brands have sets that can remain outside even in the harshest of weather conditions. Clients can be certain RadioActive Electronics will help design the perfect viewing experience for their backyard.

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