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    • 06 MAY 16
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    Setting Up a Business Customer Waiting Area

    Setting Up a Business Customer Waiting Area

    We’ve all been there before; waiting for our doctors, lawyers or other professional services in a designated waiting room. Most people shuffle around old magazines, bring a book, or find some other way to entertain themselves, but there is an abundance of possibilities when it comes to customizing your waiting area. Today, with Wi-Fi readily available, providing your customers with online access is easier than ever, and even expected in some cases. Televisions and quality sound are also a high priority when establishing your waiting area. Before you embark upon the path of creating your waiting area, consider these important points.

    Questions to ask before setting up a waiting area!

    Who will be using the waiting area? Is your office waiting room going to be populated by children? Will there be professionals who will be expecting to use laptops, or other devices? How long will customers be waiting? Would you like it to be a quiet environment, or would you prefer televisions with speakers? All of these must be figured into your decision on creating your waiting area.

    Wi-Fi for your customers and clients!

    Setting up a public Wi-Fi is beneficial and is a new level of customer service that is greatly demanded and appreciated by consumers. Providing Wi-Fi will enhance your customer’s’ appreciation for your office. Depending on the type of router you have, you will either have to set up the public Wi-Fi with your existing equipment, or you will have to upgrade your equipment.

    Generally, when setting up Wi-Fi, you will want to differentiate between a secure network that your employees utilize and a network readily available for your customers in the waiting area because it is important to safeguard your internal office internet against anyone breaking in. Make sure your private network is separate from the public one and encrypted to keep the company safe and protected.

    Entertainment in your waiting room? Televisions are a great addition!

    Televisions and speakers are an extremely popular option when it comes to creating a waiting area and with many options. There are endless possibilities to keep your customers happy and occupied while they wait for your services. You can control what is to be displayed on the televisions with several different options:

    1. Utilize an external antenna that provide local channels and public broadcasting. The only cost associated for this service in the parts and labor of installing the antenna. No monthly cost will be incurred. With this option there are limitations to the type of content that can be displayed.
    2. Cable or satellite, such as DirectTV and Dish Network both offer commercial services starting around $50 a month. With these services your display options expand immensely.
    3. Additionally, DVDs or streaming services can be utilized to display specific content to your clients.

    If you decide to provide televisions for your customers in the waiting room, then you will want to consider speaker systems. Will there be volume? Or will the television be muted with subtitles? These questions will be important to answer when deciding on potential speaker options.

    Even without televisions, audio is a key aesthetic feature to keep customers in your waiting area entertained. People often don’t like to wait in complete silence, therefore adding music that fits your customers can help them pass the time. Depending on the nature of the business you will have to play acceptable music that suites your customers. Often utilizing services such as Sirius XM Radio or streaming Pandora is a cost effective and simple way to add a wide variety of music and talk shows. Both offer legal solutions for commercial audio that allows businesses to legally broadcast music for clients.

    Remember, your waiting area doesn’t have to be a boring room with old magazines. With a little ingenuity, it can be attractive and so engaging that your customers will not even realizing they are waiting.

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