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RadioActive Electronics offers a solution for every household no matter what genre of television entertainment is preferred.

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Sports fans, news junkies, or movie lovers are all guaranteed the most favorable television entertainment service for their family’s budget.

DirecTV and Dish Network

Directv & Dish Network offer the best TV viewing experience possible with packages starting at $29.99 a month. What separates RadioActive Electronics from the big service providers? RadioActive Electronics installers have long-tenured experience in the industry, listen attentively to what the customer wants and needs, and whenever there is a question or problem after the sale the staff at RadioActive Electronics answers the call every time. You can always speak to the person who installed your system afterwards without headache or long waits on the telephone.

Digital TV Antennas

RadioActive Electronics also installs digital television antennas which provide customers free high-definition (HD) television broadcasts for as long as you shall live. Did you know that some customers get over 50 channels of all digital HD? Although it may sound too good to be true, the staff at RadioActive Electronics successfully helps households cut their cable bill.

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