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Whether you are in need of wired or wireless networking solutions, RadioActive Electronics can help you find an answer.

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Easily Share Info and Cut Costs

Networking opens up the doors for people to share information quickly and inexpensively. Users can share files with someone working across the hall or on the other side of the world. One advantage of setting up a network is that it allows you to connect all devices to one printer. This will enable you to cut printer device and ink costs, as well as increasing the speed and quality. Additionally, you will find email and internet services within your network are less expensive than setting them up on each individual computer or device.

Wired or Wireless

Whether you are in need of wired or wireless solutions, RadioActive Electronics can help you find an answer. For those in need of traditional wired connections, our staff can run all necessary wires throughout your office, home, or place of business. If you are considering a wireless solution, the staff at RadioActive Electronics can help you cut costs and the chaos of cabling throughout an office or home.

Have a Problem? We Will Find a Solution!

Many times situations occur after installation such as installing a new device or troubleshooting a problem.  Trusting that the one can speak with the original installer even after the sale is completed is a major advantage of using RadioActive Electronics as your network installer.  Many times, customers will experience customer service issues with larger tech companies who require them to call an 800 number or create a service call tag.   RadioActive Electronics prides itself in offering first-person customer service every time without the run-around.

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