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    Need Ideas? Come Check Out Our Showroom

    RadioActive has retail showroom in Middlefield.  We have recently remodeled it to highlight some of the latest in home entertainment.  When you come into our store the first thing you will see is a demo theater in the center of the floor.  We have featured a very comfortable set of reclining seats and an elegant entertainment stand that would fit nicely into any home theater or living space.  Our customers can demo the latest in 4k and curved TVs from Samsung, Sharp, & LG.

    We also have a secluded theater room that is sure to entice all of your senses.  It features the latest technology, Dolby ATMOS, which is an object based surround sound as opposed to the channel based systems that are currently in use.  We have a comfy couch to sit down and experience a truly knock your socks off demonstration.

    We have a selection of TVs and home theater accessories as well as live demos available for Dish Network and DirecTV.  Our customers can also see what channels are available in their area should they choose an outside antenna to view their local programming.  Our trained professionals can help the customer get what they need and want from their television provider.

    Are you building a new home or doing a remodel?  How about finishing the basement or bonus room?  RadioActive offers sound solutions for every room in the house.  We can hardwire speakers in any room that you may like or just set you up with a simple system on your deck or patio.

    Did you know that most electricians hate to run low voltage wiring?  For example, coax and data wiring, phone wiring, or speakers.  Let the trusted technicians at RadioActive help you plan your next project.  We can supply you with all the wiring and product needed to turn your home or small business into a connected environment that simple to use for everyone in the family.

    RadioActive also offers video surveillance to fit most any budget.  Whether it’s for your home or business we have a solution for you. While in our showroom we can demonstrate several options and get the right cameras and coverage that is right for you.  We offer cameras that can read serial numbers on dollar bills or see at night.  If security is important to you then let us offer a plan with the piece of mind you’re looking for.

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