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    IP vs. Analog Security Cameras: Which is Better?

    IP vs. Analog Security Cameras: Which is Better?

    If you’re a business or home owner, chances are you’ve worried about theft and security at one point or another. Investing in a network of surveillance cameras can be an excellent way to deter criminals and assist with identification in the event of a burglary or another incident. But how do you know which type of camera to choose and what specifications are right for your individual situation?

    IP Digital Cameras vs. Analog Cameras: Which is Right for You?

    Depending on your budget and needs, you have two choices when it comes to selecting security cameras: IP cameras and analog cameras. IP cameras are digital and provide better picture quality – but at a higher cost, while analog cameras are less expensive at the price of lower resolution.

    IP Security Camera Overview


    • Higher resolution
    • No video compression
    • No resolution limits


    • More expensive
    • Large amounts of data to transmit and store

    If you’re in need of outdoor security cameras for an area such as a parking lot, loading dock or freight yard, or a high-risk area where details are critical, an IP security camera is your best choice. It offers higher resolution that’s crucial in identifying important details like license plate numbers and facial features, in the event of a theft or another incident where a suspect will need to be identified.

    Analog Security Camera Overview


    • Inexpensive


    • Lower resolution
    • Compressed video
    • Limited max resolution

    If you’re on a budget but want improved peace of mind, an analog security camera is a suitable option for covering areas that aren’t dependent on high-resolution image quality. These types of cameras are best for areas such as hallways and other spaces that are less prone to burglary.

    For parents with small children, they can be a huge relief by providing the ability to keep an eye on the kids while playing in the pool, or monitor nanny/babysitter behavior while at work or on a night out. Analog cameras are also great for everyday home protection, though IP cameras are recommended if your budget allows.

    Added Benefits of Surveillance Cameras

    The best part of installing surveillance cameras in your home or business is there are no monthly costs. Just pay once for added protection and walk away free forever, once the project is complete.

    In addition, you’ll be able to view your surveillance footage anywhere in the world. Apps make it easy to keep an eye on your business or home right from your smartphone or tablet, any time you want.

    Consult an Expert Before You Do Anything

    It’s always best to consult with a security company about how your cameras should be laid out. Even if you’re familiar with electrical wiring and think you can perform the installation yourself, you may not be familiar with what lenses are best suited for covering specific areas.

    Although one camera may be perfectly suitable for a hallway, it may not be for a wide-angle shot of your restaurant, loading dock or parking lot. Purchasing the wrong types of cameras can put you out both time and money, so it’s smart to contact an expert before buying anything.

    At Radioactive Electronics, we offer both analog and digital IP solutions that are cost-effective and easy to use. For more information on how we can set you up with the best surveillance system for your budget, call us at (440) 632-1600 or request a free quote. We’ll be happy to help!

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    The security cameras are so well equipped with the state of the art that it can be installed both in the residential and commercial area and it will even then provide with a proper vision of the entire area. With the increasing need of the security camera in both the residential and commercial area, there have been many security camera installations done.

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