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    Home Audio System Speakers – Wired or Wireless?

    Home Audio System Speakers – Wired or Wireless?

    As more and more electronics are now able to connect to the internet, those shopping for speakers are finding it difficult to choose between wireless or wired speakers. Wireless speakers are popularly marketed as the stylish, sleek, no-hassle option, while their wired counterparts are marketed as the higher quality performance option. If you’re teetering on a decision for your home audio system, here are some pros and cons of each type of speakers.

    Wireless Speakers: Pros

    • Wireless speakers operate without having wires connected to the central unit, as the speakers run through infrared or radio transmission. They’re certainly less invasive.
    • Wireless speakers are more convenient and you can move them around the house easily to the preferred location(s) with no worries about cables, wires, and cords getting in your way.
    • With wireless speakers, you will never have to worry about your pet or anyone else tripping over (or eating) the wires.
    • Techies get to boast about the amazing technology of wireless transmission, as infrared transmission and digital signals are beamed from the transmitters to the speaker receivers to give off the sound.

    Wireless Speakers: Cons

    • The quality of the sound of wireless speakers may not be as good as wired speakers, especially if the wireless system is a cheaper, lower quality system.
    • Wireless speakers that use older technology may suffer from some interference when you use other technologies around your home that use wave signals, including the microwave and Wi-Fi.
    • The cost of high quality wireless speakers are usually higher than wired speakers.
    • Some wireless speakers may indeed require a cord in order to work, such as some that need AC power to power up.

    Wired Speakers: Pros

    • Wired speakers offer the most dependable and high quality sound as compared to their wireless counterparts.
    • Wired speakers are rarely affected by interference like wireless speakers.
    • Wired speakers will never be affected by Wi-Fi outages.
    • With wired speakers, you will never need to mess around with any batteries, as is the case with some wireless speakers.
    • They are relatively less expensive in comparison to wireless speakers.

    Wired Speakers: Cons

    • The wires connecting the speakers may reduce the overall curb appeal of your home. It simply doesn’t look as attractive when you have cables and wires sticking out to be seen.
    • You are limited on locations to place the speakers because of the wires.

    It’s all about preference!

    For the avid audiophile, traditional tower speakers are great especially with the addition of a powered subwoofer. Trying to be discrete? Small bookshelf speakers are a nice touch due to their ability to be placed out of sight and mind. Keep in mind that a powered subwoofer can work wonders for any size speaker.

    If you don’t want to see wiring and have the ability to conceal wires then an in ceiling or in wall speaker offer a flush mount option. These speakers can often be painted to match any color and finish. They provide a look that is aesthetically pleasing and sound quality that can be amazing. As with any speaker you choose it is all about the budget.

    At the end of the day, your personal preference and budget will most likely influence your decision to go with wireless or wired speakers. While wireless speakers certainly have some advantages, the price and functionality may cause you to stick to the more traditional speakers. At the same time, if you want to expand your audio system, a wireless setup will allow you to expand your network without the hassle of additional cables and cords. The choice is solely yours.

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