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    • 01 DEC 15
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    Holiday Shopping Advice from Electronic Guru Matt Smith

    Holiday Shopping Advice from Electronic Guru Matt Smith

    “There are some things to keep in mind when shopping this holiday season. You can get deals, but you can also get some that are not so good,” explains Matt Smith, owner of RadioActive Electronics in Middlefield. “There are a lot of items manufactured with model numbers especially for the bargain shopper. You see this with a lot of the less expensive brands as they try to fit in with a certain price point. We offer a lot of Samsung, LG, and I have a couple of sharp deals that are here. That’s our bread and butter. Samsung, Sony, Sharp and LG are the four major manufacturers in television, period,” he explained. “Everyone else falls to second place. We have some of the same deals as the major big-box retailers.” Though Matt spent $20,000 for this season’s inventory, it is still limited to a first come, first serve. What sets RadioActive apart from the rest of the retailers this holiday is his willingness to warehouse televisions for those who want their purchase hidden until ready for Christmas, at which point they can have the television delivered and installed for a reasonable fee. In addition to simple installations, RadioActive is also capable of more complex installations with hidden wiring, universal remotes, wall mounts and more.

    RadioActive is offering to shoppers deals on televisions ranging from 24 inches to 75 inches, and everything in between, including Smart Televisions with built-in applications for a variety of entertainment options. “They can access streaming video services including Netflix, Hulu, Youtube. Some have Internet browsers built in, much like a computer,” said Matt. Televisions are available in 1080p Blu-Ray resolution (HD), and the newest 4K resolution (four times the resolution of HD) which Matt describes as, “The absolute best picture I’ve ever laid eyes on,” Since the technology is new, entertainment in 4K resolution is more difficult to come by though online streaming services, but Netflix, Youtube and DirectTV have already rolled out support, and in the near future, Dish Network. If you don’t have access to 4K content, the televisions have built-in upscaling engines that convert 1080p video and calculate the transition between pixels so even with side-by-side comparison, the difference in clarity is markedly pronounced.

    Matt advises caution while shopping in big box retailers this holiday season. “You can have two 60-inch Smart Televisions that, otherwise identical, might have two display panels of differing quality. One will have better contrast between deep shadows and bright, saturated colors, a better frame rate to eliminate ‘ghosting’ image blurriness in fast-paced movies and video games, and even a longer lifetime.” Perception of television size can also be affected by the size of the room and the distance from which it is viewed. In-store, shoppers often stand near a television examining the image quality of potential purchases, which can lead to a letdown once the television arrives in your living room and viewed from a longer distance. “They always look larger in-store. If you’re on the fence between a 50-inch and a 60-inch, buy the 60-inch,” he urged.

    RadioActive also has deals like an $80 Wi-Fi enabled Smart Blu-Ray player that adds DVD, CD, high definition Blu-Ray, and streaming internet video capability to any television with an HDMI port with a high-speed internet connection. For those with sluggish wireless connections, Matt recommends a connection wired to your router, or a Wi-Fi extender. For homes with multiple streaming users, Matt recommends checking and verifying your download speed: “Most people pay for at least 15 to 20 down. If you can upgrade to 50 down, which is ‘holy cow’ fast for $5 to $10 a month more, spend the money.”

    RadioActive will host 30-40 percent off specials on a full range of Denon Heos audio products, a wireless, whole-house systems and components for streaming music. “If you want Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Soundcloud or iTunes, you can listen to in any room of your house, expandable up to 32 rooms,” he explained. “They’re easy to set up. Five minutes of following directions and you’ve got music. If anyone who wants to see a demo, I’ll be happy to show them.”

    For information on RadioActive’s deals and for custom home audio and electronic system installations, call 440-632-1600 or visit 15624 W. High Street in Middlefield. They will have extended holiday hours through Christmas.

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