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    How Can I Get Netflix or Hulu Plus?

    How Can I Get Netflix or Hulu Plus?

    Streaming providers such as these offer their content on devices that can connect to or are built in to a TV.  At RadioActive we offer several solutions to get you connected.  Whether it’s a bluray player, an apple TV, or a smart TV our technicians can get you hooked up and streaming your favorite shows.

    A lot of our customers are cutting the cable cord and going with an antenna for local programming and choosing a streaming provider such as Netflix or Hulu Plus to get their programming.  With the cost of some TV providers it makes sense to invest in those services to get the programming you want or need.

    Did you know that if you have a Netflix account or even Hulu you can stream to several devices?  Streaming has become so popular now it can be done anywhere, from you smart phone, tablet, laptop not just a TV.  Beware of data charges from your wireless provider though.  Streaming video to a wireless device chews up date like crazy, so if you can be on wifi then get connected!

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