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    4 Key Components in Your Dream Commercial A/V System

    4 Key Components in Your Dream Commercial A/V System

    Have you always wanted that dream commercial audio visual system? Whether it’s your conference room, classroom, auditorium, or house of worship, there are 4 key considerations for designing your dream AV system. Video displays are equally as important as the quality of speakers you install. Don’t forget about the control system to ensure your equipment functions properly during the times your room is in use. The key piece that will drive speaker quality and output level is how it will be amplified. Let’s dive a little deeper…

    Creating visual perfection for your audience!

    Video display is one of the most important aspects of your conference room or auditorium. Projectors and projection screens are a great addition to any room. Looking for a way to add a projection screen, but not have it visible and dangling in mid-air? A projector lift will enable you to secretly hideaway your projector in the ceiling, almost as if it is not even there. Don’t have any idea where to start looking, brands such as JVC, Epson, InFocus, and Sony are premium choices.

    Want to add a little style and flair? Make it a point to ask for the retractable screens that quietly go up and down with the click of a button. Da-Lite provides a wide range of mounted, retractable, and portable projection screens. If you want to take it to the next level, a state of the art Smart Board is what you’ll be looking to integrate. Imagine being able to display the same screen that is on your computer, but now being able to engage by scrolling and clicking by touching the projection screen directly.

    Don’t forget about LED flat screens that can help accent small and large conference rooms alike. In smaller conference rooms a large flat screen television might suffice, instead of a projection screen. On the other hand, in larger rooms, flat screen televisions can help compliment large projection screens. Often you will find they are spaced throughout a room to help viewers view the message on the main screen. Remember the acronym, SSSL: Samsung, Sony, Sharp, and LG. If you’re trying to fulfill your dream, you have to stick with the best.

    Listen how you want, when you want!

    When it comes to the speaker options, there is a wide range of options for small conference rooms all the way to large auditoriums. Let’s dive into the 4 most popular categories:

    • In-Ceiling speakers offer a seamless look to a room of any type. These are truly a great option for commercial buildings with drop ceilings, but there is one aspect to consider before your installation. The depth between the load-bearing and drop ceiling will end up determining the type of speaker installed, and whether they can be installed at all. Before contacting an installer, be sure to get an idea of how the structure of the room is built.
    • Pendant speakers are those hanging speakers you have seen in auditoriums, houses of worship, and various other large rooms. These are great for accenting a room or giving you another option if the in ceiling speakers do not fit the design of your room. If you have really high ceilings, these help bring the sound down closer to the audience. Don’t worry about the danger of them falling, you installer will anchor them to the ceiling. Make sure routine maintenance is completed to ensure the integrity of the anchor.
    • Surface Mount speakers are great when you are not able to install in-ceiling speakers. Although they are not as hidden as the in ceiling speakers they match pretty much any design, and are easy to install. If you have to stick within a particular budget, these are great option.
    • Outdoor Weather Resistant speakers (aka All-Weather Speakers) are great for stadiums, outdoor pools, and music venues. While most speakers cannot typically withstand being submerged underwater, weather resistant speakers with ensure they function during rainstorms.

    Controlling with the touch of the screen and tap of a button!

    Having an easy-to-use fully integrated control system will ensure anyone can operate the system whether it be a novice or daily user. It all starts with the touchscreen display that enables you to control every piece of technology in the room. You name it, you can control it:

    • Volume Control – Adjust the volume manually with the click of a remote of the tap of a screen.
    • Lighting – Your wish is our command. You can control your lighting manually when entering the room, set automatic times for your lighting to turn on, or have daylight control which adjusts depending on the natural light entering the room. Lutron is a great company that specializes in lighting solutions for any size room.
    • Display Control – On daily basis you may have someone that wants to connect their computer to your system, plug in their flash drive, or even run programs off the internal network. The proper display control system allows to satisfy all your users needs.
    • Video Conferencing – Do you do business regionally, nationally, or even globally? A spectacular videoconferencing system that allows you to fully engage with clients, co-workers, and potential clients across the world.
    • Video Streaming – Whether it is live streaming or by clicking play on YouTube, you don’t want your presentation to fall apart because the videos will not play. Reliable control systems will ensure each presentation is flawless.
    • Temperature Control – Having the ability to monitor and change temperature controls from one location can help businesses save money, and provide comfortable atmosphere for any audience. Not to mention, having settings to adjust for the time of day, and when someone enter the rooms compared.

    If you’re looking for an all-in one tool for each aspect, Crestron control systems provide customized solutions to fit your needs.

    Crisp clean sound quality, amplified to fit your room!

    The Amplifier you choose for your audio system must integrate with your speakers. Some would say they go together like two peas in a pod. If your amplifier does not have enough power to match the optimal output of your speakers, the sound quality will be diminished. Conversely, if your amplifier is too large for the speakers you are installing, driving to much power to them could cause the speakers to overload and stop working.

    Integrating for a Fluid System

    At the end of the day, a professionally designed room will impress your audience in small and large settings. In most occasions, it can make or break a presentation, musical performance, or meeting. Remember to talk with a professional installer before you make the big purchase. You would not want to buy all the equipment only to find out it doesn’t fit the room.

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  • Posted by LNWeaver on May 24, 2017, 11:19 pm

    I like that you mentioned that in-ceiling speakers offer a seamless look to a room. That must be really important important for a conference room where appearances are paramount. A business needs to project professionality to support their brand, and making sure a room has a sleek clean look could help with that.

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  • Posted by Amanda Drew on June 19, 2017, 8:39 pm

    It’s good that you have control of so many things with one screen. I especially like how you say that reliable audio visual controls will let you stream videos. I want to upgrade my home’s systems and make them fancier and easier to use. Good audio visual sounds like it would be a good way to go. I should just find a good support company.

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