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    3 Questions To Ask Before Buying An Outdoor TV

    3 Questions To Ask Before Buying An Outdoor TV

    Many people wonder whether or not they can bring their television outdoors. It has become increasingly popular for homeowners to want to have outdoor entertainment systems featured in their outdoor living spaces. Here at Radioactive Electronics, we see outdoor entertainment as core piece of the the home entertainment experience and want to share this technology with our customers who may be dreaming of a way to have their world class televisions outside.

    As technology changes, customers can now introduce entertainment systems to their outdoor patio, kitchen and pool areas. We want to make this a reality for you. But before making the decision to buy an outdoor television, here are some questions you may want to consider:

    Is It Even Necessary That I Buy One?

    Where exactly are you thinking about placing your outdoor television? Will you be doing entertaining around a pool? Are you adding a television to an outdoor kitchen, where you will be barbecuing on a grill? Will the television unit have exposure to weather elements, such as rain or snow?

    Keep in mind, if you have an enclosure for your unit and don’t mind moving it indoors, then by all means purchase a regular television. Outdoor televisions cost thousands of dollars, but their convenience and other benefits are worth it. For those that love to spend time outdoors, and want to have a television out there with you, you will want to invest in an outdoor television. Especially, those televisions that will be exposed to severe elements.

    Will There Be Exposure to Weather?

    Outdoor televisions can handle exposure to rain, snow, sleet, fog, smoke and other common elements that can be found in outdoor entertainment areas. They are watertight enclosed, have cords that are made for permanent outdoor use, and have protection against insects and scratches from debris or other hard objects that may come in contact with the unit. Safety is key; so if you want to watch television outdoors, buy one that is made specifically for that environment.

    Is the Durability a Factor?

    An outdoor television is meant to be outside every day throughout the year. It is not required that you bring it indoors in bad weather, or move it for any other reason. It doesn’t matter if extreme cold or heat are a factor, they can operate in temperatures between 24 degrees and 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Also, outdoor televisions have a much longer life expectancy outdoors than televisions meant strictly for indoor use. They are built so hearty that they are protected from outdoor elements that can typically shorten the lifespan of a regular television.

    The Final Thought

    There is no reason you can’t be focused on building an outdoor entertainment system that uniquely fits your needs and budget. If you decide you can enclose a television and move it in bad weather, then there is no reasons to splurge on an outdoor television. In the end you should be completely satisfied, and even blown away, by your home entertainment system. For those that desire the no hassle outdoor televisions a few brands you may want look into are Sunbrite and Seura.

    For more information, feel free to comment or contact us directly by email or phone!

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